Furnace filter

Fall Maintenance - Choosing the Right Air Filters

The desire to be eco-friendly pushes us to choose reusable products rather than disposable. Reusable water bottles are everywhere, filling store shelves, kitchen cabinets and dishwashers across the country. Reusable grocery bags are now a matter of law in California. Even cloth diapers are making a comeback!

But is reusable ALWAYS better? Not when it comes to furnace filters. For filters, choose the pleated, throw-away type. Here’s why:

  • They work! Pleated filters trap more particles than washable filters. That means your HVAC system is well-protected.
  • The cardboard frame on pleated filters – although it doesn’t look like much – actually holds the filter in place, ensuring no air can get around it. Washable filters don’t have this frame.
  • You don’t have to wash them! Why deal with the grime on dirty filters any more than you have to?
  • Worried about the cost of buying new filters? Don’t be! As a courtesy, True Home replaces your filters at each maintenance visit! If you want to change them in between visits, try buying filters in bulk to save money (you could even split a box with your neighbors).
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