Heat wave temps

Heat Wave in So Cal

While waves of snow and ice blanket the East Coast, here in Southern California we are experience hot days and cold nights. This kind of extreme change may prompt you to crank up your AC during the day and your heater at night. While it may be tempting to push your thermostat to the extreme, ramping up the heat or AC doesn't do the job any bit quicker. A very low or high temperature set-point can overtax your AC, heat pump, or furnace -- plus, its not all that energy effiecient.

Climate plays a huge part in your system's overall performance that the US Department of Energy regulates the type of HVAC systems for its Season Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER). Those minimums vary not only by location, but also according to the type of unit you have. If you're thinking of replacing your system soon, True Home knows about system ratings, and the minimum efficiency requirements your units must meet.

Overall, your HVAC system is just like anything in your home; it will only work well if you take care of it. True Home has Preventive Maintenance Programs which include changing your filters, cleaning your registers, and much more that will keep your system running -- no matter what the elements decide to dish out!

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