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About Hero Financing

What does "HERO" stand for?

HERO stands for Home Energy Renovation Oppourtunity

What is the HERO Program?

The HERO Program from Renovate America provides homeowners access to financing for energy-efficient, water-conserving, renewable energy and hurricane protection home improvements. Types of products that are eligible for HERO vary by state, depending on local legislation.

Can anyone apply for HERO?

If you live in a city or county where HERO has been approved by the local government, you can apply for HERO financing.

Can HERO be used to finance more than one project?

Yes, you can finance multiple projects. However, all projects must be approved in order to make sure they meet efficiency standards.

How is HERO different from other forms of financing?

The HERO Program is different from other forms of financing because:

  • It is designed specifically for home improvements that provide energy efficiency, water-conservation, renewable energy and hurricane protection.
  • It is paid at a fixed interest rate through an additional line item on your property taxes.
  • It is repaid through your property taxes.
  • The interest on these payments may be tax deductible*.
  • Approval for HERO financing is primarily based on the equity in the homeowner's home and their debt payment history, rather than their credit score.

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About Benji Financing

What is Benji?

Benji is a home improvement financing option from Renovate America. You can use it to finance nearly any home upgrade. It’s only offered to homeowners by contractors who are part of the Renovate America network.

What is the difference between Benji and HERO?

How you get approved: Eligibility for HERO is based on factors including your home equity, household income, debt obligations, and the products you want to finance. These criteria may vary by jurisdiction. Residential properties with up to four units may be eligible. Benji is primarily based on your credit score.

Which home improvements are eligible?

Nearly every type of home improvement project can be financed using Benji, and only energy-efficient projects qualify for HERO Program.

How you pay back the financing?

HERO is secured by your home and allows you to repay through your property taxes. Benji financing is paid back in traditional monthly payments.

How do I apply for Benji financing?

Applications are accepted through the online application, mobile application or with the assistance of a Benji customer service representative.

Are all contractors qualified to install products financed through Benji?

No, only contractors registered and in good standing with Renovate America can install products financed through Benji. Each state has different qualification requirements in order to register with Renovate America. Contractors can determine applicable eligibility requirements on our contractor page.

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